Emily has a degree in physics from Reed College. She loves to discover how things work and fix them when they are broken. She loves all things finely crafted by hand. Letterpress brings these two loves together, with lots of hand washing in-between. Emily started her letterpress printing business - EMprint Press - in 2004. Perfection is impossible when your tools are 100 years old, but Emily strives for it in every project, nevertheless. Emily's own designs grace her small line of cards and ephemera, as well an extensive portfolio of client projects - both print and web. 

In 2006 EMprint Press relocated from Berkeley, California to a cattle ranch in South Dakota, which has been in Emily's family for four generations. Then in 2009, new presses were acquired to open a second studio in Portland, Oregon. The beautiful shop in Portland is located within YU, a burgeoning contemporary art center. Emily now splits her time between the two locations. While back in Nebraska, she also keeps busy with the family business - George Paul Vinegars - making traditional-style gourmet vinegars. In 2008, she designed and helped build their 'vinegary' utilizing straw bale construction. While in Portland, Emily also assists with letterpress instruction at Reed College and prints with Veneer Magazine. 

Emily and her husband Michael welcomed Lula Jean to their family in Oct of 2016. Lula loves her mama's presses and has a precocious affinity for tools, but is nevertheless still not too much help in the printshop. As such, Emily's time at the presses is now quite precious and she is thus quite selective about the projects she takes on.